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When God does something it's on a fantastic scale. Look up toward the sky and wonder about the immensity of the universe. Look around and see the unlimited variety of life and terrain. Look in a mirror and see God's greatest wonder. You are the pinnacle of His creative purpose. Why? Because He LOVES you and has a plan and purpose for your life!

Some people say, "I believe that God will accept me because I'm living a good life. Showing love, kindness and tolerance, living by the 'Golden Rule.'" That's fine if goodness was subjective. God is the one who determines the standard of what is good and right, not us. So even if we strive with diligence to be good, being good enough really isn't good enough. But where can one find the true example of what is good?   Only one life was good enough to have heaven open to Him. History shows that only one man lived a perfect life. And that life was willingly offered on behalf of the world. Every man, woman and child can be made right, good, pure, and acceptable to God by the one who took the punishment for all sin and died in their place, Jesus Christ. But you must receive that gift for yourself by faith. He died willingly for you. Won't you believe willingly?

God tells us of His love, demonstrating it in many ways. He laid out His plan and made it available in His love letters called the Bible. Inspired By God, written through men, this collection of words is the most unique known to mankind. Just think, 40 writers over a span of thousands of years, in various languages, among many nations, all speaking of the same God, the same plan, and the same hope. Hard to imagine that 40 men could agree on anything, let alone over this span of time and distance. Consider this, if God were to speak to men those words could intrigue the scholar, yet simple enough to stir the heart of a child. And by the test of time would be accurate to the human condition, remain relevant and still give hope, purpose, strength, peace and joy. It's a unique book for a unique purpose, and it's addressed to you.

The culmination of all God's work is for you to have eternal life. God's love, His sacrificial gift, and His Word all work together to make you alive. Your response may be, "I'm already alive". Physically yes, but spiritually no. Your body was made to live 100 years tops, but your soul was created to live for eternity. The natural effect of sin is realized in both body and soul and the results end in spiritual death.

If you believe in what Jesus has provided for you and are willing to commit your life to follow Him, several things take place: 1)   God provides payment for your sin debt. 2)   Jesus' love and power gives you the needed strength to live a fulfilled life. 3)   You become a child of the Kingdom of God, an heir to all His promises, including eternity with Him. 4)   Jesus' resurrection power lives in you and you truly become alive!

The response that people have to God's gift of love and forgiveness is called worship. It's living life with the realization that God has removed personal guilt and has adopted them as an heir to life now and life forever. It's the reaction of a changed and reborn life. Every week these people gather to celebrate God's goodness, faithfulness, love, provision and guidance. Yes, they sing and make music. They clap and express their joy because the greatest act of love was bestowed on them. They are truly alive and like to celebrate! Celebration Church is one such place.

Celebration is also the place to regain perspective, receive encouragement, direction and renewal. It's not a place of formality, rigidity, or membership. It's a place where you learn the foundational truths of your relationship with God. It's a place to connect with others who have received God's touch. It's a place to grow in the knowledge of God and learn how to express your life in Christ. It is a place where you'll be loved, healed, and equipped. All you need to do is accept the invitation to come.

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