Celebration Church's Monthly Missions and Outreach Giving


George and Leela Chavanikamannil, India
     George and Leela oversee Good News for India and the Luther W. New Theological Seminary that trains leaders and pastors and plants churches throughout India and the surrounding nations.

Jeff and Barbi David, Cuba
     Jeff serves as a seminary professor, teaching and raising up leaders in Cuba, Costa Rica, and throughout Latin America.

Gary & Karen Green, Mexico
     The Greens oversee and provide ministry at an orphanage in Reynosa, Mexico.

Slavik & Tamara Kravchuk, Ukraine
     The Kravchuks Minister and provide leadership for pastors and churches in the Ukraine and to Ukrainian congregations in the US.

Juan Carlos and Fabianna Manzewitsch, North and South America, Europe
     This ministry trains and raises up leadership, encourages local pastors, plants new works, and provides oversight for hundreds of
     churches across the globe. 

Stanley & Sandra Moodley, Africa
      The Moodleys provide training and support for hundreds of churches and pastors in the southern nations in Africa.

Caleb & Alyssa Mooney, Central/South America
      Caleb and Alyssa provide outreach and oversight to youth ministries, youth pastors, and to schools in many Spanish speaking

Dario & Cindy Parish, Central/South America
     The Parishs lead and oversee the ministry of Continental Missionary Crusade as well as training and Pastoring Spanish speaking
     congregations in the US.

Continental Missionary Crusade
     CMC provides encouragement and leadership to over 1,000 churches in Latin America

Keith & Radica Ramdass, Caribbean
     Keith and Radica pastor a thriving church in Trinidad and oversee ministries and churches throughout the West Indies.

Jeremy & Amy Schuff, YWAM
     Though the Schuffs work out of a WYAM base in the Sacramento area, their ministry includes training leaders, sending out
     missionaries, and hands on work with refugees and the unreached around the world.

Kevin & Jennifer Stebbings, China
     Kevin and Jennifer use the skills of teaching and providing aid as tools to reach the people of China with the message of Christ.

Dave & Judy Walker, Worldwide
     As a missionary-at-large Dave travels full time to many remote regions of the world to plant and build churches, preach the gospel,
     and train local leaders.

Refugee Relief, Regular Support
     Through our connection with Grace International, Celebration provides financial support to those that are providing assistance  to
     refugees in Germany, Lebanon, Syria, and several additionally impacted areas of the world.

Alliance Defending Freedom
     A Christian legal association that provides free constitutional and legal aid to Christians and christian organizations.

Lucas & Tara Levin, Europe, Africa, Middle East
     The Levins help train, send, and provide for churches and pastors in the US and around the world.

Anchor of Hope
     Brother Thomas Ukwute pastors Anchor of hope Ministries in Warri, Nigeria. He also maintains outreach ministries to his entire
     region, and serves as an overseer of pastors and churches across Central Africa.

David & Naomi Robbins, Japan
     The Robbins are reaching the Japanese people, by evangelizing their community, relief work, and pastoring a local congregation in
     Nagano Ken, Japan.

Assist International
     An international relief organization providing assistance through building orphanages, medical clinics, hospitals, and clean water

Children's Relief Network
     Providing support for an orphanage and for outreach in Romania

Skip & Debbie Rotert, Brazil
     Skip and Debbie pastor a local church in Rua Oleans, Brazil, as they evangelize and train leaders throughout that country.

City Serve Tri-Valley
     Supporting and participating the churches and non-profit organizations throughout the Tri-Valley in order to help those in need
     within our community.

Pastor Moses Okumu
     Celebration provides support and aid to Pastor Moses, the ministry of Destiny School, Kasese Pentecostal Church, orphan care, and
     over 140 churches in Uganda and the surrounding nations.

Shepherd's Gate
     Since Shepherd's Gate began Celebration has supported this ministry home which provides shelter, training, and discipleship to
     abused women and their children.

Young Life
     This ministry provides outreach and evangelism efforts to the Jr. and Sr. high schools in the Tri-Valley.

General Missions
     Celebration sends monthly support for any additional mission's outreach within Grace International Worldwide.

Maasay Yahdav - The Works of His Hands Inc.
     The focus of Maasay Yahdav is to serve those in Israel, both Jew and non-Jew. They work with and encourage ministries,
     humanitarian organizations, and established organizations to be God's hands of reconciliation and aid in order to further the cause
     of Messiah in the land of Israel. For more information go to www.maasayyahdav.org.