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Celebration Academy - Homeschool PSP


Celebration Academy is a church ministry and a private school established to assist parents in their goal of raising and training their children through the experience of private, Christ-honoring, home education. Celebration Academy exists to provide accountability, parent support, educational opportunities, fellowship and friendship. The Celebration Academy Support Team is comprised of Celebration Academy parents. A chairperson is appointed from the Team to act as the liaison between the Support Team and the leadership of Celebration Church.

To read our entire Mission Statement, to understand our membership options, fees and other requirements, as well as to get a picture of who we are and how we work together, please click here on the 2018-2019 Registration Packet.

For more information about Celebration Academy, you can email cmackanic@hotmail.com or call the Church Office at 925-455-4250.

A list of the ways to volunteer to serve the other Academy families can be obtained through emailing Janene at vjsmom@comcast.net.

If you have specific questions regarding paperwork required to be recorded and filed for each student,
please contact Kim at kmnixon@sbcglobal.net.

A Note from the Lead Pastor at Celebration Church:

Welcome to Celebration Academy! What an honor to stand with you as you not only navigate the challenges of parenting, but also assume the tremendous responsibility of educating your child at home. The academy is one of many vibrant ministries of the church, and as Lead Pastor of Celebration Church, I want you to know that myself and the leadership here prayerfully stand with you.

I also want you to know that we carry an ongoing interest in the spiritual development of every home school family. This does not supersede the covering of your pastor, but rather is in support of him and of the local church body where you are connected and growing. That connection is what aids your personal spiritual growth and keeps you strong as you minister daily.

For that reason I encourage you to stay closely connected to your home church, making sure that you and your children are praying for and supporting that spiritual family. But if you do not have a church home, a place where you and your family serve and receive ministry, then I hope you'll accept the invitation to be our guest at Celebration Church. I'd love the chance to meet you there.

Please let the academy's support team know if you have any questions about the home school process or program. You can also contact me if there's any way I can serve you. Again, welcome to Celebration.

Larry Ihrig, Lead Pastor
Office 925-455-4250